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TCPL's Strength

The strength of TCPL lay in the working style and the effective utilization of contacts developed by the company at various levels over the years and its planned follow-up- actions running from levels top-to-bottom and vice-versa. Strength also wrests in the professional approach towards implementation of Major-Projects, supported by effective long-term follow-up action to ensure retention of clients and effective utilization of available resources, facilities and utilities. This also ensures absolute client satisfaction the most essential element for brand equity building.


TCPL follows and implements stringent Quality Control Procedures and self declaration formats to ensure that the manufacturers and suppliers, both domestics and overseas provide only meticulously quality-tested products, before TCPL certifies these merchandises for supply to clientele, sale. Marketing and distribution effected either directly by TCPL or through the manufacturers and or its Business Affiliates, Business Partners and Business Associates.

Quality assurance certificates of respective manufactures and or their suppliers accompany most of the good and merchandises sourced by TCPL. This ensures highest quality standards of products sourced and supplies by or through TCPL.

Every product sourced by and from TCPL is guaranteed for its error and fault-free performance and durability applicable to those group and category or products, excepting faults arising out of electrical failures at client premises. All the merchandises and goods sourced and supplied by or through TCPL will accompany original manufacturers and or suppliers warranty and guarantees as applicable to such products. The goods and warranties will conform to global standards and procedures.

TCPL believes in high Customer Support Service to its wide clientele ranging from Tele support to those by fax normal mail and e-mail. TCPL has a full fledged Customer Care and Customer Support Service dedicated to each Division and Activity of the company manned bye trained professional staff to attend to every requirement of our customers.

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