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Model No. :- AirGrid M5 HP11x14”
AirOS is an intuitive, versatile, highly developed Ubiquiti firmware technology. It is exceptionally intuitive and was designed to require no training to operate. Behind the user interface is a powerful firmware architecture which enables hi-performance outdoor multipoint networking. Protocol Support Ubiquiti Channelization Spectral Width Adjust ACK Auto-Timing AAP Technology Multi-Language Support 03 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Copyright © 2011, All Rights Reserved Software View OS Integrated on all Ubiquiti M products, AirView provides Advanced Spectrum Analyzer Functionality: Waterfall, waveform, and real-time spectral views allow operators to identify noise signatures and plan their networks to minimize noise interference. Waterfall Aggregate energy over time for each frequency. Waveform Aggregate energy collected. Real-time Energy is shown real-time as a function of frequency. Recording Automize AirView to record and
Price :- Rs.4250

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