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About Us

Offer The Best of Latest technological Product, Solutions and Services at the most competitive prices to increase productivity, quality of work conditions in automation and improve the quality of life by offering meaningful, effective and efficient solutions, Gadgets. Gizmos and Life Style Products and pursue with other core activities such as HR Outsourcing, Trading, Audio-Visual Product, Exports, Imports, Project Consultancy. Superior Quality Products. Timely delivery  and High Quality Service are the integral & part of TCPL philosophy for ensuring client satisfaction retention and continuation.

TCPL, a multi-faceted and multi-activity Group, a trusted name in developing Mass Marketing Concepts, Software Development. Networking Solutions — Wired and Wireless and Target based mass Marketing, TCPL is also commended and known for meticulous and time scheduled planning, implementation, Delivery and completion of large-scale solutions and projects. TCPL is energized and managed by a team of Professionals.

TCPL is engaged in multi-facetted activities ranging from trading, import and export to turn key Project. HR Solutions and Financial Consultancy. Every activity is assigned to separate Divisions having their own professional and rained staff to manage them.

Primarily, TCPL is engaged in the following areas of activities:
* Wireless & Wired Network & Connectivity Solutions, Product & Services
* Pre developed software installation
* Audio-visual Materials Trading
* HR & Non-Core Activities Co-sourcing
* Project Consultancy
* Exports & imports
* Goods Trading


1) Wireless & Wired Network & Connectivity Solutions, Product & Services
TCPL’s focus in IT related areas currently are in: Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions, Mass Application Customized Pre-developed Software Installations & Marketing, Voice-over-Internet, IP-based and Multi-location Connectivity Solutions, Digitization. Vending of select Business Processes on behalf of overseas principals and other key and trend-oriented Non-IT and IT-enabled service, solutions and merchandises. Offers Client-end solutions in any subject area for all sizes of companies, department and organizations.

  • Wireless Networking Solutions : TCPL is the System Integrator and Networking
    Solutions provider of Accton Ei-En India PVT. LTD, the Indian arm of the
    Singapore-based corporate group and owners of global brands such as: SMC
    Networks, Arcadyan, EdgeCore, VodTel, MotoTech, Accute, ET all.

    offers a combination of customized WiFi and HotSpot Zone and Area
    Creation, Wireless and Wired Networking Solutions for all segment of the market:
    SOHO, SMB, SME and Enterprise

  • we understand that wireless long range point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless connectivity, building Wireless Backbone - Base and Link Stations and wide usage of WiFi Router i Radio devices form a part of your project implementation as leading ISP in your region. We are sure that the globally acknowledged MikroTik router / radio devices range would be of great application interest to you in the implementation of your projects.
    We are the Official Business Partners of MikroTik and its range of Radio Devices- long range, high power, high speed. point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Wi-Fi Router! Radio devices. MikroTik wireless Router devices are dual hand capable- 2.3~2.4GHz To 5.0~6.lGhz Band Frequency In One Single interface, capable of giving up to 30Mbps bandwidth and reliable and robust wireless point-to-point links up to 70 Kms. Our MikroTik routers are features-rich, flexible, upgradable with Super channel (2.3GHZ- 5.8GHz) option, expandable (by adding up to 4 Mini PCI cards) and are configurable. They come will 100/2001400 MW power options. They are best suited for building base (backbone) Stations & link points.

    There are already over 500 WISP Links in operation today.

  • Multimedia Instruction Solutions: TCPL offers the most important master and student Interactive learning solutions aimed at Educational Institutions and where teacher-learner interaction is needed. This is one of the most significant software and wireless solution-based instruction tool that enables a master to use his Master Computer allowing his student of different designated system to watch what is happening on the Master’s system and vice- versa.

  • Hardware Solutions: TCPL exclusively promotes the brand “Datamini”, who arc a ODM and OEM company and who make the desktop PC’s Notebook PC’s, TFT Monitors and Wireless and USB accessories for such systems. In additions to datamini, TCPL also deals in HP, Company Lenovo and other such brands, TCPL offers complete computer systems range, accessories and peripherals.
  • Pre-developed Applications Software: TCPL offers on demand original application software such as Microsoft products.

2) Pre-developed Software Installations

The current focus is on the installation and marketing or pre-developed application software TCPL-DOC-BIZ is one of the latest and exciting pre-developed application software under final stages of mass marketing thrust.

Customized turn-key pre-developed software related to real-time web-enabled applications and also subject and need-specific software in highly potential areas such as Digital Management System (DMS) , Hotel Management System (HTLMS) , Hospital management system ( HPLMS) , Air & Rail Ticketing Management systems (ARTMS) , Net Banking. Which-enabled Pay-Roll Accounting (WPRAMS) , Mass Customer-base Management (CMS) , and other key areas that holds immediate and long-term potentials form the current focus. The standardized and customized turn-key software installation activities incorporate consultancy, study, development procedures, sourcing of software developers and training for the ultimate implementation and functionality of the developed software packages and projects.

3) Audio-Visual Materials Trading

Education, Training and self-learning are the current hot selling materials. Educational Market is one of the largest, best, less complex and government’s prioritized market in the world. With the IT boom audio-visual materials have assumed great importance in Education, Training and self learning. The market now encompasses the home market that includes schools students, Executives and the Homs. TCPL focuses on this market in addition to Corporate and Educational institutions by providing world’s best audio-visual and learning and training materials and software based audio-visual materials. General informative subjects and language learning forms the focus of this division. TCPL promotes audio-visual materials drawn from the best global brands.

4) HR And Non-Core Activities Co-Sourcing

TCPL has rich experience in Human Resources and other related Non-core Activities co-sourcing activities which include staffing solutions, staff Training, Pay, Roll Transactions. Payroll Processing, Payroll Management and other related non-core activities of enterprises.

5) Project Consultancy
TCPL’s focus is on turn-key based projects including Project Finance mobilization the activity areas include IT related areas, Community Amenity Development, primarily in Rural Semi-rural and also Urban areas, Food Processing industry entertainment hubs, and project finance mobilization, TCPL extends Consultancy services on most of the activities it is deeply involved with including industrial and irrigation projects, Consultancy is also extended to Marketing, Sales & Distribution Network Development, import and export of merchandises.

6) Export & Import
Current activity includes import and export of Educational Products and Kits and software. Select Computer hardware and components and Medical Electronics and conventional hut state-of-the-art equipment including surgical and scanning equipment also form a part of TCLP’s import and export activity.

7) Trading
TCPL is actively involved in the trading of consumer goods business.